Hong Kong / Macao style café food 茶餐廳 (茶Tea, 餐廳Café) is culinary culture originated from the British Colonial era. During the 60s, western foods were widely enjoyed by upper class foreigners only due to their high prices. Not to be out-done, the locals had created their own culinary style that mimicked Western cooking by blending traditional Chinese food techniques and everyday low-priced ingredients. This revolutionary food concept had become a phenomenon that the general public broadly adapted and enjoyed. Over the years, such culinary culture has transformed into a mainstream East-meet-West cooking style.

Wok Star Express 食好啲 (食Eat, 好啲Better) is the mantra of Hong Kong and Macao people which reflects their attitude of living. At Wok Star Express, we want to share this very same culinary experience with our customers with dishes such as flavored milk tea, Russian Borcht soup, Won ton lo mein, and Cream pudding w/ crumbs to name a few. Come join us to commemorate a piece of this history. We hope to see you soon.